Makerere University convocation is an association of alumni and current staff of Makerere University. The association derives its legal mandate from the Universities and other tertiary institutions Act (as amended 2003). All graduates of Makerere University are members and those that subscribe comprise the general assembly which is the supreme decision making organ of the convocation. Its run by an executive elected after every four years, the Academic Registrar is the secretary of the convocation.


To be an effective partner in the realisation of goals cherished by the Makerere University Convocation


To mobilise members and wellwishers to support the welfare and progress of Makerere University and to participate in the enhancement and improvement of intellectual and material welbing of the university community including fostering close friendship and professional relations among members and between the Convocation and the University.


To advance its made, the Convocation is guided by a values system that enshrines the interests of graduates and staff of the University. The broadbasedness of MUC principles is its major strength considering that its an association of an intellectual community composed of both young and mature members. The principles recognise the profound desire of this diverse community to pursue common goals for the benefit of Makerere University. These principles include;
(i) Freedom of expression
(ii) Democratic decision-making
(iii) Non-discrimination
(iv) Non – political party alignment
(v) Responisbility and accountability
(vi) Multicultural cooperation
(vii) Anyother principle enshrined in the Bill of rights of the Constitution of Uganda


(i) Subscribe morally and materially towards opportunities to strengthen and consolidate the high standards of academic excellence at Makerere University in order to enhance its constitutional visibility as a leading source of high calibre teaching, research and community outreach;
(ii) To engage in fund-raising for the university and for the convocation;
(iii) To foster and promote the spirit of institutional ownership and loyalty to Makerere University and encourage sustained dialogue with the university community;
(iv) To promote, protect and maintain the interests and rights of convocation members;
(v) To foster interest in and promote respect for Makerere University;
(vi) To promote or challenge any law or regulation, or proposed law or regulation that affects the interests of University education in general;
(vii) To take interest in matters pertaining to the governance, administration and academic interests of the university and to make recommendations thereon;
(viii) To foster and maintain a good image of the university as a whole and to promote community and business interests;
(ix) To create in the convocation members a sense of responsibility, obligation, accountability towards the community and especially towards the university;
(x) To liaise and consult with other university constituents on matters of common interest and foster unity of purpose;
(xi) To do all such activities as are deemed to be in the interests of the Convocation members and which are consistent with the principles and objectives of the Convocation.


The Convocation is duty bound to meet and discuss matters within the sphere of Makerere University and transmit recommendation arising out of such discussion to the University Council, Senate and their relevant committees. Specifically, the Convocation carries out the following activities;
(i) Promoting and popularising the social ethical and intellectual image of Makerere University;
(ii) Pro-actively soliciting for material, financial and human resources to enable Makerere University maintain a competitive edge with similar institutions at home and abroad;
(iii) Collecting and preserving materials of historical value to the university and its convocation, including the university memorabilia;
(iv) Organising community events and activities that are of interest and value to the university, its friends and the Convocation;
(v) Assisting where possible in the placement of graduates;
(vi) Fostering motivation through honouring distinguished students, members of staff and exemplary members in society;
(vii) Assembling and maintaining Convocation membership database including publication Maker ere University Convocation newsletter and magazines;
(viii) Liaising with other Universities Convocations here and abroad to achieve the aforementioned goals.

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